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Blogworld Report: The New Paradigm Gains Momentum

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Legally Social spent this past weekend at Blogworld New Media Expoin Las Vegas, and can safely report (a) that the world of social media remains dynamic, forward thinking and intense; (b) that people in social media still don’t think about the legal ramifications of what they’re doing as much as they ought to, and (c) Las Vegas is profoundly amusing.

I live-tweeted a several panels (you can follow me @legallysocial) but for me the most important aspect of the conference was seeing the interaction between the old social media format (which was highly informal and largely consisted of bloggers talking amongst themselves) and the new paradigm (which is far more focused on commerce, marketing and co-branding).  Once upon a time, bloggers could joke about “taking the Boeing” as shorthand for selling out.  Now, the idea of “selling out” is preposterous, with the word “monetize” thrown around more often than any other word including “and” “the” or “a”.  Social media interaction is no longer thought of as a hobby for pajama-clad folks blogging from their basement; instead it is a sophisticated marketing tool used by the largest companies in the world (and the smallest) to develop dialogue with their customers. To be sure, the number of social media devotees focused on their hobbies and their lives remains large, but what is interesting is that this more informal world is now almost indistinguishable from the land of professional marketers.

This will lead, of course, to all sorts of interesting issues over the next few years, ranging from brand control and privacy to employment law and innovation.  But right now, we should all be pleased to witness the early stages of a new communications paradigm.  Web 2.0 is still less than a decade old (at most).  We have many years (and many more versions) yet to come.  It is an exciting time, indeed, and next year should be even better.