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Social Media and Work

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This year has been an exceptionally busy one — in fact, it has been the busiest one I can remember.  I spent several months at one trial, out of town, to begin the year, and have spent more recent weeks in rapid-fire preparation for another trial, also out of town, coming up in September.   This has left me with little time to blog about my thoughts on social media and the law, even as I continue to counsel clients on these issues and follow the radical transformations in both technology and practice that seem to occur each and every day.   This is, indeed an exciting time.

Thus, to put it mildly, I am looking forward to returning to this blog full time later this year, and to discuss everything from Supercookies to branding with all of you on a regular basis.  In the meantime, I suggest that you continue to follow me on Twitter, where I will still be tossing random thoughts and developments into the ether as time permits.