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By Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari - XKP

'Irfan (Shi'i religious teachings) in comparison to tasawwuf (Sufism), its ideals, practices, diversified elements (Shari'ah, Tariqa, and Haqiqa), in addition to its significant practitioners all through Islamic History.



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The hakim seeks, throughout the telescope of his brain, to review the order of life, whereas the 'arif seeks to organize the entire of his being so one can arrive on the center of fact. He seeks to arrive truth like a drop of water within the seek of the ocean. within the view of the hakim, the perfection anticipated of a man or woman lies in figuring out truth, whereas within the 'arif's view it lies in attaining fact. within the hakim's view a less than excellent man or woman is one that is ignorant, whereas within the 'arif's view the imperfect human is one that has remained far away and separated from his starting place. The 'arif consequently sees perfection in achieving instead of in knowing. And so as to succeed in the primary objective and the level of real gnosis, he perspectives the traversing of numerous phases and stations as being worthy and crucial. This he calls sayr wa suluk, the technological know-how of inward wayfaring. those phases and stations were mentioned in nice aspect within the books of 'irfan. right here it's not attainable to provide an explanation for, even in brief, every one in all them. in spite of the fact that, so as not less than to offer a common effect, i feel that we will be able to do no greater than to show to the 9th portion of Ibn Sina's al-'Isharat. even though Ibn Sina is especially a thinker, no longer a mystic, he isn't a 'dry' thinker, and particularly in the direction of the top of his existence he built mystic dispositions. In his al-'Isharat, which seems to be his final paintings, he has committed a complete part to the 'stations' of the gnostics. This part being terribly chic and gorgeous, we reflect on it improved for our reasons to offer a precis of this part, instead of bringing up or translating compatible passages from the books of the 'urafa'. Zahid, 'abid & 'arif: He who abstains from the enjoyments of the realm, even its healthy ones, is named a zahid (ascetic); and he who's cautious to accomplish worship, prayer and fasting and so forth, is named an 'abid (devotee); and he who retains his idea became endlessly in the direction of the area of sunshine so that the sunshine of the true shine in his breast is termed an 'arif; and occasionally or extra of those epithets may well observe to a similar individual. even if Ibn Sina defines right here the zahid, the 'abid and the 'arif, but whilst he's defining zuhd, 'ibadah, and 'irfan. the reason is, a definition of zahid, 'abid, or tarif consistent with se comprises implicitly a definition of zuhd, 'ibadah, or 'irfan. hence the belief to be drawn from this passage is that zuhd is abstinence from worldly enjoyments; 'ibadah is the functionality of particular acts like prayer, fasting, reciting the Quran and so on; and 'irfan is popping away the brain from every little thing yet Allah and paying entire recognition to the Divine Essence in order that the sunshine of the genuine may perhaps shine on one's middle. The final clause shows a tremendous element. a number of of those features might happen together. therefore it's attainable for a person to be an 'abid and a zahid, a zahid and an 'arif, an 'abid and an 'arif, or an 'abid, zahid, and 'arif at one and a similar time.

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