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By Michael Cook

Why does Islam play a bigger function in modern politics than different religions? Is there anything in regards to the Islamic background that makes Muslims much more likely than adherents of alternative faiths to invoke it of their political existence? if this is the case, what's it? Ancient Religions, glossy Politics seeks to respond to those questions via analyzing the jobs of Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity in glossy political existence, putting specific emphasis at the relevance--or irrelevance--of their heritages to cutting-edge social and political concerns.

Michael prepare dinner takes an in-depth, comparative examine political id, social values, attitudes to battle, perspectives concerning the position of faith in a variety of cultural domain names, and conceptions of the polity. In most of these fields he reveals that the Islamic historical past deals richer assets for these engaged in present politics than both the Hindu or the Christian heritages. He makes use of this discovering to give an explanation for the truth that, regardless of the lifestyles of Hindu and Christian opposite numbers to a few points of Islamism, the phenomenon as an entire is exclusive on this planet this day. The publication additionally exhibits that fundamentalism--in the feel of a selection to come back to the unique assets of the religion--is politically extra adaptive for Muslims than it really is for Hindus or Christians.

A sweeping comparative research through one of many world's top students of premodern Islam, Ancient Religions, glossy Politics sheds very important mild at the courting among the foundational texts of those 3 nice non secular traditions and the politics in their fans today.

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