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  • Elements

  • Atoms

  • Atomic constitution

  • Electron Configurations

  • Chemical Bonding

  • Organic Compounds

  • States of subject

  • Gases

  • Solutions

  • Acids and Bases

  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

  • Electrochemistry

  • Equilibrium

  • Thermodynamics

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  • Resource middle

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Reliable → gasoline c. gasoline → liquid 20. It calls for seventy five. forty joules to elevate the temperature of one. zero mole of liquid water 1. 0°C. what percentage energy of warmth will be required to hot five. zero moles of water from 15°C to 60°C? a. 16,966 joules b. 3,397 joules c. 377 joules 21. within which part swap are the forces among molecules being thoroughly damaged down? a. liquid → fuel b. strong → liquid c. fuel → liquid bankruptcy eight 22. what's the mass of Avogadro’s variety of water molecules? a. 18. zero grams b. 10. zero grams c. 6. 02 × 1023 grams 23. what's the ultimate quantity of 20. zero L of air if the strain exerted at the air is doubled whereas its absolute temperature doubles? a. 20. zero L b. 10. zero L c. forty. zero L 24. ponder the response of hydrogen and nitrogen to shape ammonia:  How many liters of ammonia will shape for every five liters of nitrogen fed on? a. five L b. 10 L c. 2 L bankruptcy nine 25. what's the molarity of glucose, C6H12O6, in an answer that includes four. 50 g of glucose in zero. 50 L of answer? The molecular mass of glucose is a hundred and eighty. a. zero. 050 M b. zero. 025 M c. 1. zero M 26. Silver chloride, AgCl, is of very low solubility in water. A saturated resolution of AgCl is 1. three × 10–5 M at room temperature. what's the Ksp of AgCl? a. 1. three × 10–5 b. 2. 6 × 10–5 c. 1. 7 × 10–10 27. what's the molarity of ions in a nil. 25 M resolution of AlCl3? a. zero. 25 M b. zero. seventy five M c. 1. zero M bankruptcy 10 28. Which set of compounds is a robust acid, a vulnerable acid, and a base, in that order? a. CH3COOH, NH3, HCl b. HNO3, H2CO3, Ca(OH)2 c. HCl, H2SO4, CH3COOH 29. Which acid can have a hydrogen ion focus lower than the focus of the acid itself in water? a. H2SO3 b. HNO3 c. HCl 30. what's the pH of an answer that has a hydrogen ion focus of two × 10–9 M? a. nine. zero b. eight. 7 c. 2. zero bankruptcy eleven 31. Which point is oxidized and that's lowered during this equation? a. Fe2+ is oxidized; O2 is decreased. b. H+ is oxidized; Fe2+ is decreased. c. O2 is oxidized; Fe2+ is lowered. 32. what's the oxidation variety of Cr in a. +3 b. +6 c. +7 33. what's the coefficient positioned in entrance of whilst this redox equation is properly balanced? a. 1 b. 2 c. three bankruptcy 12 34. the subsequent response could be made to ensue in a voltaic telephone:  Which response happens on the cathode? a. 2 I− (aq) + Pt2+ (aq) b. 2 I− (aq) → I2 (s) c. Pt2+ (aq) → Pt(s) 35. utilizing the information in desk 12-1, what's the anticipated voltage of a voltaic phone utilizing this response? a. +2. forty six v b. +0. 86 v c. –0. 86 v 36. The electrolysis of molten sodium chloride produces natural sodium steel (Na) and chlorine fuel (Cl2). what number faradays of electrical energy are had to produce 500 grams of Cl2? The half-reaction forming Cl2 is a. 7. zero faradays b. 14 faradays c. three. five faradays bankruptcy thirteen 37. Hydrogen iodide (HI) decomposes into iodine (I2) and hydrogen (H2) at 300°C and establishes the next equilibrium:  Which of the subsequent will shift the equilibrium again to the left? a. expanding the focus of hello b. expanding the temperature c. expanding the focus of I2 38. what's the price of the equilibrium consistent, ok, for the response  if at equilibrium the concentrations are the subsequent: a.

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