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By A. Lee Martinez

Emperor Mollusk.

Intergalactic risk. Destroyer of Worlds. Conqueror of alternative Worlds. Mad Genius. Ex-Warlord of Earth.

Not undesirable for a man with out a spine.

But what is a villain to do after he is performed . . . every thing. with out new goals, he is satisfied to pitch in and resolve the strength trouble or repel alien invaders may still the necessity come up, but when he had his approach, he'd wish to be left on my own to discover the bounds of harmful technological know-how. simply as a pastime, of course.

Retirement is not effortless notwithstanding. If the boredom does not get him, there is consistently the Venusians. Or the Saturnites. Or the Mercurials. Or . . . good, you get the belief. If that wasn't undesirable sufficient, there is additionally the assassins of a mythical demise cult and an up-and-coming megalomaniac (as impressive as he's bodiless) who've marked Emperor for his or her personal nefarious reasons. yet Mollusk isn't really approximately to allow the Earth slip out of his personal tentacles and into the fewer able clutches of one other. So it is time to dirt off the outdated loss of life ray and are available out of retirement. other than this time, he isn't out to rule the area. he is out to reserve it from the peril of THE SINISTER mind!

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Requested Zala. “Where’s the sunshine coming from? ” It was once a great query. there has been no noticeable resource of illumination, however the cave was once getting brighter, no longer darker, as we plunged on. We reached the tip of the tunnel, rising on a ledge above an enormous cavern overlooking a sprawling urban carved from the stone. 1000's of tubular creatures moved via its streets. Zala ducked down, yet we have been so excessive up, I calculated it was once not going they’d see us. “Have you noticeable those creatures sooner than? ” she requested. “They resemble not anything I’ve come across,” I answered as I zoomed my exo sensors at the creatures. I’d catalogued hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of life-forms in the course of the process and past. Terra used to be uniquely populated by means of a range of clever beings, and yet one more wouldn’t were astounding. however the discovery of another new species was once an unforeseen excitement. They moved through bending finish over finish on their stalks. they'd rudimentary feelers on both finish that served to stability them. i realized spots and orifices within the middle that most likely served sensory reasons. whatever shuffled up at the back of us. Zala whirled, her gun already drawn. A contingent of 2 dozen creatures approached us. They produced extraordinary whistles and chirps as they complex. I positioned my hand on Zala’s gun, forcing her to decrease the weapon. “They can be hostile,” she acknowledged. “They may be pondering a similar factor approximately you,” I responded. “This is a first-contact scenario. Let’s no longer suppose we need to shoot an individual till we see in a different way. ” the gang divided, and a beast lumbered ahead. It little greater than a number of thousand kilos of protoplasm wrapped in a greasy sheath of dermis. an extremely thick and tall bug slid off the beast’s again. this actual trojan horse had a couple of underdeveloped wings transforming into from its middle. i presumed it was once a pacesetter. there has been no technique to understand how those creatures communicated. Or how they seen the universe. The sentient helium entities of the Sol Collective, for instance, had no suggestion of sound and communicated through flashes of coloured gentle. Jupiter and Sol had approximately long gone to struggle over a Jupitorn ambassador donning an unintended collection of garments that translated into Your mothercloud has a excessive melting element. It was once most unlikely to inform those creatures’ reason. that they had no faces to learn, and their our bodies have been so alien there has been no strategy to glean whatever from their physique language. yet that they had but to show any seen hostility. “Greetings,” I acknowledged. I needed to begin someplace. The chief flapped his wings. His answer, coming from someplace within the heart of his stalk, was once completely spoken. “Are you Emperor Mollusk? ” “I am. ” The creatures erupted in a contented refrain. A contingency erupted right into a whistling rendition of my favourite Neptunon composition, Scrog’s Ode to Bell Curves. The chief acknowledged, “I am known as Hiss, and it truly is my honor to welcome you. we now have been anticipating you for a protracted, very long time, Emperor Mollusk. It used to be foretold within the days of outdated savior would seem. And that he might have a physique of steel and a divine mind.

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