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By Bill T. Arnold

This re-creation of a bestselling evangelical survey of the outdated testomony (over 180,000 copies bought) has been completely up to date and contours a gorgeous new inside layout. it truly is lavishly illustrated with four-color photos, maps, and charts and keeps the pedagogical positive factors that experience made the e-book so popular:

· bankruptcy outlines, ambitions, and summaries
· learn questions
· sidebars that includes basic resource fabric, moral and theological concerns, and modern applications
· lists of keywords, humans, and places
· additional interpreting recommendations
· endnotes and indexes

The e-book is supplemented by means of web-based assets via Baker Academic's Textbook eSources, providing direction aid for professors and examine aids for college kids.

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At production, people have been meant to be vegetarians (Gen. 1:29–30). yet after the flood, God granted to Noah and his relatives the suitable to consume meat so long as the blood used to be adequately tired (Gen. 9:3–4). Leviticus eleven now expands the constraints in keeping with the excellence among fresh and unclean animals. we don't be aware of in each case why consuming convinced meals or why yes sporting events triggered uncleanness. a few meals have been unclean simply because they carried ailments. In historic societies, the place no refrigeration used to be attainable in a sizzling weather, meat posed a significant possibility to public health and wellbeing. yet there could have been theological purposes for the ban on yes meals. probably a few have been too heavily linked to pagan worship practices. Others have been prohibited end result of the concept that blood and existence are synonymous (Lev. 17:11). Israelites have been required to teach the top appreciate for all times as a present from God, in order that even fit to be eaten animals should have their blood tired thoroughly (17:13–14). the folks may in basic terms devour animals that consumed different types of grasses, making all carnivorous predators forbidden as a part of the vitamin. finally we need to finish that those chapters at the contrast among fresh and unclean are item classes educating a hidden truth. Chapters 11–15 stay up for and get ready us for the Day of Atonement in bankruptcy sixteen. They describe what's intended through uncleanness in order that it can be absolved at the Day of Atonement (16:16). simply as chapters 1–7 describe the sacrifices provided on the consecration of the priesthood (chapters 8–10), so chapters 11–15 outline the uncleanness that makes the Day of Atonement priceless. five The Day of Atonement used to be the most sacred days within the outdated testomony calendar (see additionally Lev. 23:26–32, the place it really is indexed in Israel’s spiritual “feasts” or “appointed times”). in contrast to a lot of Israel’s different excessive holy days, it doesn't commemorate one in all God’s nice and powerful acts of the prior or have fun his goodness at harvest time. at the Day of Atonement, God supplied an annual time for purging the entire sins and uncleannesses that have been unatoned for through the yr. It supplied atonement for the excessive priest, the sanctuary, and the folk, in order that all could be “clean sooner than the LORD” (16:30 NRSV). in this someday every year, the excessive priest used to be accepted to go into the Holy of Holies, the internal precinct of the tabernacle (vv. 2–3). There he carried the blood of the slain choices to make atonement for himself and the country (vv. 14–15). For the Christian, a brand new excessive Priest has got rid of the necessity for an annual Day of Atonement. Christ entered the main Holy position “once for all” to make atonement, now not with the blood of animals yet together with his personal blood (Heb. 9:11–12). The blood of the slain choices used to be in simple terms a part of the rite. designated to this sacred celebration used to be using a scapegoat (or “Azazel,” vv. 8–10, 20–22). the precise which means of “Azazel” is uncertain. a few think it refers to a particular evil position or to a wasteland demon (so v. 10 will be translated, “that it can be despatched away into the desolate tract to Azazel,” NRSV, equally CEB).

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