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By Lee Alan Dugatkin

Online game concept has revolutionized the examine of animal habit. the elemental precept of evolutionary online game theory--that the method followed via one person depends upon the suggestions exhibited through others--has confirmed a robust instrument in uncovering the forces shaping in a different way mysterious behaviors. during this quantity, the 1st considering that 1982 dedicated to evolutionary video game thought, prime researchers describe functions of the idea to diversified forms of habit, supplying an summary of contemporary discoveries and a synthesis of present study. the quantity starts with a transparent creation to online game concept and its explanatory scope. this can be by means of a chain of chapters at the use of video game conception to appreciate more than a few behaviors: social foraging, cooperation, animal contests, communique, reproductive skew and nepotism inside teams, sibling competition, substitute life-histories, habitat choice, trophic-level interactions, studying, and human social habit. additionally, the quantity incorporates a dialogue of the relatives between online game conception, optimality, and quantitative genetics, and an evaluation of the final software of online game idea to the learn of social habit. offered in a way obtainable to someone drawn to animal habit yet now not unavoidably knowledgeable within the arithmetic of online game idea, the ebook is meant for a large viewers of undergraduates, graduate scholars, biologists pursuing the evolutionary research of animal habit.

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