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By Sayyid Kazim Tabatabai - XKP

Abu ‘Abdillāh Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Hanbal Shaybānī (166-241 AH/780-855 CE) [1] is the founding father of one of many 4 colleges of Sunni jurisprudence and his publication al-Musnad [2] is taken into account one of the such a lot finished and early collections of hadīth. It includes a few 30,000 sayings attributed to the Prophet and the interval of its writing makes it one of the best of the sihāh al-sittah (six actual books) of the Sunni sect. one of many features of this paintings is the vast house given to hadīth in regards to the benefits of the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt, such a lot of that are proven from the perspective of Shi‘ite Muslims to boot. in comparison to the opposite hadīth compendiums of the Sunnis, the Musnad’s emphasis in this topic is so said that it has attracted the eye of orientalists and different researchers. the author of this text has tried to target this actual element of the Musnad and its writer through identifying a few of the hadīth pointed out during this cumbersome compendium with a quick rationalization anywhere necessary.

The key terms of this short article are Tashayyu‘, Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, Hadīth Compendiums, advantages of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a), Hadīth al-Ghadīr, Hadīth al-Thaqalayn, Hadīth al-Manzilah.

Ibn al-Jazarī (833 AH) is much more ecstatic approximately Ibn Hanbal’s Musnad, and says:

On the face of the earth no greater publication of hadīth has been compiled.

Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalānī writes in Tajrīd Zawā’id al-Musnad al-Bazzāz:

If a hadīth is pointed out in Musnad Ibn Hanbal, different Masānīd will not be pointed out for its sources.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyutī (849-911 AH) [6] says:

Even the vulnerable hadīth present in it are almost about hasan (fair).


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The Prophet answered: “Are you no longer chuffed that your place to me is that of Aaron to Moses, other than that there's no Prophet after me? ”[29] Ahmad Shākir has termed the isnād of this hadīth as reasonable. bankruptcy five Abū Bakr’s Dismissal from major the Hajj and the Entrustment to Imam ‘Alī (‘a) to express Surah al-Barā’ah Ibn Hanbal says of the development which happened within the month of Dhī al-Hijjah, nine AH: Wakī‘ has concerning us from Isrā’īl from Abī Ishāq from Zayd bin Yuthay‘ from Abū Bakr: The Prophet despatched him (Abū Bakr) with Surah al-Barā’ah to the folk of Mecca (to proclaim) that when this yr no polytheist should be allowed on the Hajj, neither may still the nude circumambulate the Ka‘bah, none will input paradise other than the person that has develop into Muslim, whoever has a pact among him and the Messenger of Allah it's legitimate until eventually the desired interval, and Allah and His Messenger are unfastened from any legal responsibility to the polytheists. After it slow, he instructed (Imam) ‘Alī [(‘a)], could Allah be happy with him: Overtake Abū Bakr and ship him again to me and also you proclaim (the Surah to the Meccans). (Imam) ‘Alī [(‘a)] acted as in step with the directions and while Abū Bakr again to the Prophet he cried and stated: O Messenger of Allah, did whatever ensue? He responded: not anything has occurred pertaining to you other than reliable, yet i've been commanded (by Allah) that those (commandments) may still both be conveyed through my or through a guy who's from me. [30] Ahmad Shākir, the annotator of the Musnad has thought of the isnād of this hadīth as sahīh (authoritative) and has acknowledged that Zayd bin Yuthay‘ was once a reliable individual of the 1st iteration of Muslims after the Prophet and the identify of his father has additionally been pointed out as Uthay‘. Habashī bin Junādah al-Sulukī who took half within the Farewell Pilgrimage of the Prophet, has recorded 4 hadīth with a similiar textual content in his personal Musnad which confirms Ibn Hanbal’s narration of the above hadīth. Habashī charges Abū Bakr that the Messenger of Allah (S) stated: ‘Alī is from me and i'm from him. My phrases aren't conveyed other than via me or by way of ‘Alī. [31] bankruptcy 6 The Prophet’s announcement of Imam ‘Alī’s (‘a) Vicegerency Ahmad bin Hanbal says: Burayrah (Aslamī) has comparable: The Prophet (S) dispatched regiments in the direction of Yemen, one less than the command of (Imam) ‘Alī bin Abī Tālib [(‘a)] and the opposite led via Khālid bin Walīd with directions that once the 2 regiments are with one another they need to be below the only real command of (Imam) ‘Alī [(‘a)], and once they are separate they'll stay below assorted commanders. We the Muslim forces, encountered the Yemeni tribe of Banī Zayd and fought and defeated those infidels. while their males had died struggling with, the households surrendered and from one of the captives, (Imam) ‘Alī [(‘a)] selected a maid for himself. Burayrah maintains: Khālid bin Walīd despatched me to the Prophet with a letter informing him of this topic. I submitted the letter to the Prophet and whilst he had learn it I observed indicators of anger look on his face.

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