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The homes of seventy two of the main time-honored solvents are given, tabulated within the so much handy approach, making this publication a pleasure for commercial chemists to take advantage of as a table reference. The homes coated are these which solution the fundamental questions of: Will it do the activity? Will it damage the person? Will it pollute the air? Is it effortless to address? Will it pollute the water? Can it's recovered or incinerated? those are all components that must be thought of on the early phases of selecting a solvent for a brand new product or approach.

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Fifty nine 220. 119 7. 04642 1370. five Solvent homes Solubility parameter Dipole (D) Dielectric consistent (20°C) Polarity (water a hundred) Thermal details Latent warmth (car/mol) Nett warmth of combustion (kcal/gmol) particular warmth (cal/molfC) severe strain (MN/m2) serious temperature (K) Latent warmth of fusion (cal/mol) Van der Waals' quantity Van der Waals' floor region Molar quantity 18. 33 zero. 477 1. 389 2. 2E-4 zero. 011 7. four Kauri butanol worth Evaporationtime (ether = 1) Evaporationtime (BuAc = 1) 27 7396 1211 fifty five. 6 2. fifty nine 544 2157 five. eighty five five. 01 166. 1 Hvdrocarbons ~~ Azeotrope ~ okay% Solute "C Reference w/w Solute f Reference Partition coefficient Reference - - 20. 1 31. 2 V2/139 V2/386 ~~ Hydrocarbons +Pentane n-Hexane n-Heptane n-Octane n-Nonane n-Decane 2,2,4-TMP Cyclohexane Benzene Toluene Ethylbenzene Xylenes Cg Aromatics TetraIin Alcohols Methanol Ethanol n-Propanol i-Propanol n-Butanol i-Butanol s-Butanol n-Amyl alc. i-Amyl alc. Cyclohexanol l-Octanol Ethanedio1 DEG 112-Propanediol None None 13809 14715 - - None 2 eighty None None 11699a 10880 13040 1. o 1. o zero. 7 - 1xJ1/398 6b/197 6b/283 - 1. four 1. four 1. four 6a1328 6b/304 6b/323 6b/333 1. nine forty seven fifty eight fifty nine sixteen fifty nine seventy two eighty five seventy seven 2114 4167 6524 6419 sixteen. 6 29. three eleven. 2 four. four 2a/250 2a/503 2d500 2b/l16 seventy three fifty six ninety two 88 8378 8254 five. 2 2b/284 35 ninety nine 9882 2. 1 1. five 1. 2 1x/1/397 1x/1/397 6b/285 Glycol ethers PGME EGME EEE EGBE Chlorinated MDC Chloroform Carbon tet. 1,2-EDC 1 1I 1-TCA TCE Perk. MCB Hydrocarbons Vone 1168b keotrope :% Solute Ketones Acetone MEK MlBK Cyclohexanone NMP Acetophenone Reference Partition coefficient Reference 2. four three. 7 3b/225 3b/395 zero. eleven zero. 10 V3/30 CEH 1. four 1x/1/398 three. 1 1x/1/398 1. three 1x/1/397 11196 6. five 6b/318 8868 6292 281 1 7. five 6b/297 "C Reference V/W )O Ethers Diethyl ether DlPE Dibutyl ether MTBE 1,CDioxane THF Esters Me acetate Et acetate i-Propyl acetate n-Butyl acetate Cellosolve acetate Solute T Miscellaneous DMF DMAc DMSO Sulfolane cs2 Acetic acid Aniline Nitrobenzene Morpholine Pyridine 2-Nitropropane Acetonitrile Furfuraldehyde Phenol Water lone seventy seven seventy nine LO ninety six ninety five sixty nine keo lone 39 seventy nine 31. five thirteen. 1 17. three 1x/1/397 3+4/55 2b1383 734a Yydrocarbons Cyclohexane replacement names Hexamethylene, benzene hydride Reference codes CAS quantity UN quantity 11082 1145 actual homes Molecular weight Empirical formulation Boiling aspect (OC) Freezing element (OC) particular gravity (20/4) 7 Hazchem code EPA code 3YE eighty four C6Hl2 eighty one +6. five zero. 778 Cubic growth coeff (per oC x ! 03) floor pressure (@20°C dyn/cm) Absolute viscosity (@25°C cP) Refractive index (25°C) 1. 2 24. ninety eight zero. 980 1. 424 fireplace dangers Flash aspect (closed cup OC) Autoignition temperature (OC) electric conductivity -17 260 7. 0E-18 decrease explosive restrict (ppm) higher explosive restrict (ppm) 13000 84000 healthiness risks IDLH (ppm) OES-TWA OES-STEL Odour threshold (ppm) ten thousand a hundred three hundred four hundred Vapour focus @21°C ppm Vapour density (relative to air) Vapour strain @21°C mmHg POCP 155700 2. nine seventy eight. eight 25 Aqueous effluent Solubility in water (25°C %w/w) Solubility of water in (25°C %w/w) LoglO activated carbon partition LoglO partition in octanol/water (w/w) organic oxygen call for w/w (days) Theoretical oxygen call for w/w zero.

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