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This quantity asks to which quantity old practices and traditions of human sacrifice are mirrored in medieval and sleek Judeo-Christian occasions. the 1st a part of the quantity, on antiquity, specializes in rituals of human sacrifice and polemics opposed to it, in addition to on ameliorations of human sacrifice within the Israelite-Jewish and Christian cultures, whereas the traditional close to East and historic Greece are usually not excluded. the second one a part of the amount, on medieval and smooth occasions, discusses human sacrifice in Jewish and Christian traditions in addition to the debates approximately euthanasia and dying penalty within the Western global.

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Heider, “A additional activate Ezekiel’s Baroque Twist in Ezek 20:25–26,” JBL 107 (1988): 721–28; Thomas Krüger, Geschichtskonzepte im Ezechielbuch (BZAW one hundred eighty; Berlin: W. de Gruyter, 1989), 238–47; Franz Sedlmeier, Studien zu Komposition und Theologie von Ezechiel 20 (SBB 21; Stuttgart: katholisches Bibelwerk, 1990), 277–86; FrankLothar Hossfeld, “Die Verteilung der Gesetze im Geschichtsaufriss von Ez 20,” in Gottes Wege suchend: Beiträge zum Verständnis der Bibel und ihrer Botschaft, FS. R. Moses (ed. F. Sedlmeier, Würzburg: Echter Verlag, 2003), 171–84, one hundred eighty f. 10 there's not anything opposed to relationship not less than the elemental textual content of Ezek 20 to the time given in v. 1, i. e. tailored to our calendar 14. eight. 591 B. C. , see Walter Zimmerli, Ezechiel: 1. Teilband Ezechiel 1–24 (2nd ed. ; BKAT XIII / 1; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 1979), 441; Moshe Greenberg, Ezechiel 1–20 (HThK, Freiburg i. Br. : Herder, 2001), 425; Hossfeld, “Verteilung,” 172. ninety KARIN FINSTERBUSCH Land (vv. 27–29). eleven for that reason, vv. 25 f. finish the outline of the 3rd part. ahead of quoting those verses, it's going to first be famous that the popularity formulation on the finish of v. 26 is usually regarded as a later addition and may accordingly now not be handled within the following dialogue. (25aa) I in my opinion gave them (25ab) decrees that weren't sturdy (25ba) and legislation (25bb) during which they can no longer dwell. (26aa) and that i defiled them by way of their presents (26ab) once they passed over each first-birth of the womb (26ba) so that i would devastate them [(26bb) that they could be aware of (26bg) that i'm Yhwh. ]12 The correlation of the 2 verses is hence, that the legislation in v. 25 are exemplified in v. 26. these decrees and legislation in v. 25, which Yhwh revokes for the second one barren region iteration as no longer solid and never life-giving, therefore contain instructions in regards to the cult offerings pointed out in v. 26 (mattanot). thirteen right here it needs to take care of offerings for Yhwh, until one argues for the, in my view not likely, assumption, that Yhwh himself might have required presents for different gods. The offering up of each “first-birth of the womb” (peter rekhem, v. 26ab) is then to be understood to illustrate of such an offering for Yhwh. The word peter rekhem (íçø øèô) signifies the kid or younger animal that first comes from the womb and is as a result gender-neutral. 14 The verb br hiphil in v. 26ab denotes an act of sacrifice with a deadly consequence. 15 This develops from the goal given in v. 26ba, that Yhwh wishes Hossfeld, “Verteilung,” 172. in regards to the final sentence see Zimmerli, Ezechiel, 436; Daniel I. Block, The booklet of Ezekiel: Chapters 1–24 (NICIOT; Grand Rapids, Mich. : Erdmans, 1997), 634 f. , n. 109. thirteen See Hossfeld, “Verteilung,” 181. 14 evaluate Hempel, “Vorfrage,” 311; Frank Crüsemann, Die Tora: Theologie und Sozialgeschichte des alttestamentlichen Gesetzes (München: Ch. Kaiser, 1992), a hundred sixty five; distinction Gese, “Erstgeburtsopfer,” a hundred and forty four f. 15 in line with Heider, “Turn,” 723, br hiphil “had turn into a regular description for the sacrificial act of the cult of Molek,” see additionally Block, Ezekiel, 637.

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