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Water is plentiful in nature, non-toxic, non-flammable and renewable and will for this reason be more secure and in your price range for the chemical industry
wherever it's used as a solvent. This ebook offers a accomplished evaluation of advancements within the use of water as a solvent for metal
catalysis, illustrating the big capability of water in constructing new catalytic alterations for fi ne chemical compounds and molecular materials
synthesis. a bunch of foreign specialists disguise crucial metalcatalyzed reactions in water and convey jointly state-of-the-art results
from fresh literature with the first-hand wisdom won through the bankruptcy authors. this can be a must-have booklet for scientists in academia
and concerned about the fi eld of catalysis, greener natural artificial tools, water soluble ligands and catalyst layout, in addition to for academics and scholars attracted to leading edge and sustainable chemistry.

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