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By Helen Scales

A interesting trip with the ocean creature that has captured human mind's eye for millions of years

Poseidon?s Steed trails the seahorse via secluded waters around the globe in a kaleidoscopic historical past that mirrors man?s centuries-old fascination with the animal, sweeping from the reefs of Indonesia, in the course of the again streets of Hong Kong, and again in time to old Greece and Rome. over the years, seahorses have surfaced in a few not going areas. We see them immortalized within the ornamental arts; in tribal folklore, literature, and historic delusion; or even at the pages of the earliest clinical texts, prescribed to regard every thing from pores and skin court cases to baldness to flagging libido. Marine biologist Helen Scales eloquently indicates that seahorses are certainly fish, even though scientists have lengthy wondered over their unique anatomy, and their very unusual intercourse lives?male seahorses are the single men within the animal international that have childbirth!

Our first seahorse imaginings seemed six thousand years in the past on cave partitions in Australia. the traditional Greeks referred to as the seahorse hippocampus (half-horse, half-fish) and despatched it galloping throughout the oceans of mythology, pulling the ocean god Poseidon?s golden chariot. The seahorse has even been the heart of a modern day foreign artwork scandal: A two-thousand-year-old winged seahorse brooch used to be plundered by means of Turkish tomb raiders and offered to the Metropolitan Museum of artwork in New York.

A e-book that's as captivating because the seahorse itself, Poseidon?s Steed brings to lifestyles an aquatic treasure.

Seahorses lead quiet lives, tucked away out of sight at the seafloor. it's infrequent to capture a glimpse of a seahorse in its traditional habitat. yet whether few have obvious one reside, those unique, possible prehistoric creatures exist relatively vividly in our imaginations they usually have mesmerized scientists, artists, and storytellers all through time with their otherworldly rarity.

Poseidon?s Steed is a sweeping trip that takes us from the coral reefs and seagrass meadows of Indonesia the place many seahorses makes their traditional habitat to the again streets of Hong Kong the place a thriving black marketplace seahorse alternate is hid. all through historical past, seahorses have surfaced in a few unforeseen areas and Scales additionally follows the seahorse again in time, from our such a lot rudimentary seahorse imaginings six thousand years in the past on cave partitions in Australia, to the myths of old Greece.

Scientists have lengthy questioned over seahorses? strange anatomy and their very unusual intercourse lives. And male seahorses are the one men within the animal global that have childbirth! Seahorses will not be what scientists name a ?keystone? species. They depend on a fit ocean to outlive, however the marine atmosphere doesn't depend on them. yet their soft good looks reminds us that we depend at the seas not just to fill our dinner plates, but in addition to feed our imaginations.

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