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By Robert E. Gawley

The global is chiral. lots of the molecules in it are chiral, and uneven synthesis is a crucial capacity through which enantiopure chiral molecules could be received for learn and sale. utilizing examples from the literature of uneven synthesis, this ebook provides an in depth research of the standards that govern stereoselectivity in natural reactions.

After a proof of the elemental physical-organic rules governing stereoselective reactions, the authors offer an in depth, annotated thesaurus of stereochemical phrases. A bankruptcy on "Practical points of uneven Synthesis" presents a severe review of the commonest equipment for the guidance of enantiomerically natural compounds, options for research of stereoisomers utilizing chromatographic, spectroscopic, and chiroptical methods.

The authors then current an summary of an important equipment in modern uneven synthesis prepared by means of response variety. hence, there are 4 chapters on carbon-carbon bond forming reactions, one bankruptcy on savings, and one on oxidations (carbon-oxygen and carbon-nitrogen bond forming reactions). This association permits the reader to match the top equipment for uneven synthesis in a suitable context.

A spotlight of the e-book is the presentation and dialogue of transition states on the present point of realizing, for vital response kinds. additionally, vast tables of examples are used to offer the reader an appreciation for the scope of every response. eventually, top references are supplied to traditional product synthesis that has been entire utilizing a given response as a key step.

  • Authoritative word list to assist figuring out of stereochemical terminology
  • Explanations of the most important components influencing stereoselectivity with a variety of examples, geared up by means of response type
  • A convenient reference consultant to the literature of uneven synthesis for practitioners within the field

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