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By Ernst Lehner

Dover courses, Inc., manhattan 1950 Symbols, indicators, and Seals: 1355 illustrations. booklet divided into thirteen sections, each one with a separate short advent. nice for reference, ornamental and ads paintings.

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Whether or not they have been animate or inanimate made little distinction; in his early days guy ascribed animism to all issues. therefore it was once inevitable that convinced indicators and logos got houses of mysticism and magic. the truth that the very skill to inscribe symbols was once given to simply a couple of males made their translation into magic that a lot more straightforward; and this skill gave its vendors computerized energy over their fellow-men. they can invoke gods and demons; and their amulets, scrolls, sigils, prayer-sticks, mask and different symbol-creating paraphernalia turned not just their badges of workplace however the gadgets of devotion of the devoted. as the symbols guy has created are nearly as a number of and diverse as guy himself neither this nor the other booklet can truthfully fake to be an entire or exhaustive encyclopedia of such insignia. If, even though, it serves the reader as a realistic instruction manual and visible consultant in the course of the transformation of easy marks and symptoms into such problematic and inventive different types of expression because the logo, the crest, the coat of hands, and so on. , it is going to have served its primary function. For within the checklist of those alterations lies the heritage of all human inspiration. ERVINE METZL 18 symbolic gods and deities SYMBOLIC GODS AND DEITIES web page thirteen three MITHRAS—The solar, the sunshine, the reality (Persian) web page sixteen four GENIUS OF WINE (Pompeian) web page 17 five DIANA OF EPHESUS—The Allmother and Fertility (Asia Minor) PAGES 18 and 19 Egyptian Gods 6 OSIRIS—The pass judgement on of the lifeless 7 ISIS—Motherhood and Fertility 19 8 SEBEK—The Destroying energy of the sunlight nine KEB—The Earth 10 KHENSU—The Moon eleven KHNEMU—The Moulder 12 HORUS—The emerging sunlight thirteen RA—The sunlight 14 BAST—The residing energy of the daylight 15 TEMU—Dawn and nightfall sixteen MAAT—Law and Justice 17 NET—The Hunt 18 AMEN-RA—The Reproductive Forces of lifestyles 19 SET—War and Evil 20 PTAH—Creation and Resurrection 21 THOTH—Wisdom and studying, The Scribe 22 MUT—The Nature 23 ANUBIS—The Nether international 24 NEB-THET—The relations 25 HATHOR—The Sky PAGES 20 and 21 Assyrian—Babylonian Gods 20 26 DAGON—God of the Earth and Agriculture (Philistian-Assyrian) 27 NIMROD—God of the search (Babylonian) 28 MARDUC—The author (Babylonian) 29 WINGED safeguard OF THE SYMBOLIC TREE (Babylonian) 30 BABYLONIAN KINGS AND WINGED DIVINITIES ahead of THE SYMBOLIC TREE 31 ASHUR—God of warfare (Assyrian) 32 OANNES—Science and Letters (Babylonian) 33 NISROCH—The Eagle Headed God (Assyrian) 34 DEMON (Babylonian) OF sickness AND EVIL 35 NISROCH sooner than THE SYMBOLIC TREE PAGES 22 and 23 Roman—Greek Gods 36 JUPITER (Roman)—ZEUS (Greek). God of Heaven, legislations, Thunder and Lightning 37 VULCAN (Roman)—HEPHAESTUS (Greek). God of fireside and the Blacksmiths 38 APOLLO (Greek)—HELIOS (Roman). God of the solar, technology and Prophecy 21 39 MINERVA (Roman)—ATHENE Goddess of knowledge and the humanities (Greek). forty VENUS (Roman)—APHRODITE Goddess of affection and wonder (Greek). forty-one DIANA (Roman)—ARTEMIS (Greek). Goddess of the Moon and the quest forty two JUNO (Roman)—HERA (Greek). Goddess of Marriage and beginning forty three HADES (Greek)—PLUTO (Roman).

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