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By Noel Botham

From the creators of the number one ny Times/I bestseller The ebook of lifeless info comes one other enjoyable, foolhardy and entirely frivolous, fact-filled e-book. The dead info Society's most up-to-date assortment, the superb ebook of dead info, will solution questions readers by no means even knew they'd. From area go back and forth to the historical past of jelly beans, this wideranging, brain-teasing, and altogether lifeless booklet will supply readers details to out-trivialize even their cleverest of partners. beneficial properties such interesting evidence as: there's a city in West Virginia referred to as Looneyville? ladies can speak with much less attempt than males? Lemons have extra sugar than oranges And solutions to those life-changing questions: What was once the traditional Roman remedy for a stomachache? what's a "buckle bunny" the place is the coldest position within the universe?

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