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Read or Download [(The Animal Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of Life on Earth )] [Author: Margaret Parrish] [Aug-2013] PDF

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Fire Bringer

David Clement-Davies’s first novel used to be released to nice acclaim, together with a rave evaluate from Watership Down writer richard Adams: “it is a riveting tale and merits to be generally learn. it truly is the most effective anthropomorphic fantasies identified to me. ”

Built by Animals: The Natural History of Animal Architecture

From termite mounds and caterpillar cocoons to the flowery nests of social birds and the lethal traps of spiders, the structures of the animal international can amaze and from time to time even rival our personal feats of engineering. yet how do creatures with such small brains construct those complicated buildings? What drives them to do it?

The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution

The assumption of a lacking hyperlink among humanity and our animal ancestors predates evolution and renowned technology and truly has non secular roots within the deist inspiration of the good Chain of Being. but, the metaphor has lodged itself within the modern mind's eye, and new fossil discoveries are frequently hailed in headlines as revealing the elusive transitional step, the instant once we stopped being “animal” and began being “human.

Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing

Within the spring of 2005, heart specialist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz used to be known as to refer to on an strange sufferer: an Emperor tamarin on the l. a. Zoo. whereas interpreting the tiny monkey’s unwell middle, she realized that wild animals can die of a kind of cardiac arrest attributable to severe emotional pressure.

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The Panamic arrow crab eight lives on reefs, whereas the japanese spider crab nine prowls the seabed. Measuring as much as four m (13 feet) throughout, this amazingly leggy animal is the world’s largest crustacean, with a lifespan of as much as a hundred years. seventy seven 10 N o r w ay l o b s t er ed lob st e r Blu eleven Invertebrates ❯ Crustaceans purple, thread-like antennae ip tr at s qu e- s pairs of antennae, or feelers versatile physique finishing in a large tail fan W e hit - cl a cr we d ay f i s h ee b f lo s t er 12 R lengthy pincers Ae Black “tiger” stripes sop s h r imp -l e g y lob s t er thirteen St r ip e T i g e r p ra w n n sp i R e tur ll sl i p p er l o b s t er G ia n t a c o r n b a r n a cl e Lobsters, shrimps, and prawns are crustaceans seventy eight d pp r 15 l e ga t arctic ok An ri sl i ste S c ul p 14 e Paddles at finish of stomach b r lo with lengthy our bodies and many legs. The Norway lobster 10 lives in a burrow, and feeds at evening on reside animals and useless is still. Blue-striped squat lobsters eleven are shut family of crabs. Like different squat lobsters, they've got 10 legs, however the final leg pair is small, and tucked away below their tails. Reef lobsters 12 are brightly colored, which makes them well known aquarium pets. The stripe-leg spiny lobster thirteen has extralong antennae which can make a creaky, clicking sound to scare predators away. whether it is cornered, it swims backwards at excessive velocity. Antarctic krill 14 dwell within the icy Southern Ocean, in swarms which may stretch for kilometres in each path. those finger-sized crustaceans are an important nutrition for penguins, seals, and whales, together with the blue whale, which may p o re b a m b o o s h r P co ea ck ti s guy SCALE shr im p Legs specifically designed for smashing prey G ian td e ep se ai s op Domed carapace can curl up right into a ball 17 Invertebrates ❯ Crustaceans sixteen im p ga S in od Com m on p ra wn Eyes spaced a long way aside at the head te P in ks mon shr im r C om p lengthy, thick, spiny antennae quat lobs l t a d p ol e s r h p 18 a rn ta i manhattan te r im Ve Na l sp s lob swallow greater than four tonnes of krill in keeping with day. The sculptured slipper lobster 15 has a rounded form, and blends in opposed to seabed sand. The peacock mantis shrimp sixteen is a predator with a knockout punch. utilizing its entrance legs, it smashes open snail shells and crabs, and will even shatter the glass of aquariums. the enormous deepsea isopod 17 scavenges meals at the sea ground, sometimes feeding on dwell prey. due to the fact that 19 C om m o n m a r bl e im shr gentle is very faint in deep sea, this isopod has huge antennae to assist it consider its method round. Vernal tadpole shrimps 18 from California breed in short-lived freshwater swimming pools. The grownup shrimp die while the swimming pools dry up, yet their eggs can continue to exist for as much as 10 years, hatching whilst it rains. the typical marble shrimp 19 is brown with eco-friendly spots throughout the day, yet turns pink at evening. p seventy nine Insects From appealing butterflies to humming mosquitoes, bugs are the main winning creatures in the world.

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