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By Edward F. Edinger

This booklet provides a much-need mental interpretation of pictures and occasions imperative to the Christian fantasy, that could be understood symbolically when it comes to the individuation of recent women and men.

The technique of individuation, whilst it befalls somebody, could lead on to salvation or calamity. The reader will locate the following an ordered and image amplification of this archetypal procedure.

In prose and in photos rigorously chosen from conventional Christian artwork, the writer illustrates a few crucial stages-from Annunciation via Crucifixion to Resurrection-both within the lifetime of Christ and in those that by means of selection or destiny turn into immersed of their personal mental future.

CONTENTS: Annunciation * Nativity * Flight into Egypt * Baptism * Triumphal access into Jerusalem * final Supper * Gethsemane * Arrest and Trial * Flagellation and Mocking * Crucifixion * Lamentation and Entombment * Resurrection and Ascension * Pentecost * Assumption and Coronation of Mary

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One feels a lot more secure lower than the shadow of the Church, which serves as a fort to guard us opposed to God and his Spirit. it's very comforting to be guaranteed by means of the Catholic Church that it "possesses" the Spirit, who assists on a regular basis at its rites. Then one is aware that he's good chained up. 7 If, notwithstanding, the Church is destined to accomplish its incarnation cycle your time prior to the "last day," then we will anticipate the cycle to be rotated once more, possibly this time with the person because the vessel of the Holy Spirit. This brings us to Jung's inspiration of continuous incarnation: the continued, direct operation of the Holy Ghost on those who find themselves referred to as to be God's teenagers implies, in reality, a broadening strategy of incarnation. Christ, the son begotten by way of God, is the first-born who's succeeded by means of an ever-increasing variety of more youthful brothers and sisters. those are, even though, neither begotten via the Holy Ghost nor born of a virgin. . .. Their lowly starting place (possibly from the mammals) doesn't hinder them from stepping into a detailed kinship with God as their father and Christ as their brother. eight [There is a] . . . persisted and revolutionary divine incarnation. therefore guy is obtained and built-in into the divine drama. He turns out destined to play a decisive half in it; for this reason he needs to obtain the Holy Spirit. i glance upon the receiving of the Holy Spirit as a hugely innovative truth which can't occur till the ambivalent nature of the daddy is well-known. If God is the summum bonum, the incarnation is not sensible, for an outstanding god may perhaps by no means produce such hate and anger that his merely son needed to be sacrificed to assuage it. A Midrash says that the Shofar continues to be sounded at the Day of Atonement to remind YHWH of his act of injustice in the direction of Abraham (by 7. "Letter to Père Lachat," The Symbolic existence, CW 18, par. 1534. eight. "Answer to Job," Psychology and faith, CW eleven, par. 658. web page one hundred thirty compelling him to slay Isaac) and to avoid him from repeating it. A conscientious explanation of the assumption of God may have outcomes as scary as they're helpful. they'd be imperative for an inside improvement of the trinitarian drama and of the position of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is destined to be incarnate in guy or to settle on him as a transitory dwelling-place. "Non habet nomen proprium," says St. Thomas; simply because he'll obtain the identify of guy. this is why he mustn't ever be pointed out with Christ. we won't obtain the Holy Spirit until we now have authorized our personal person existence as Christ accredited his. hence we develop into the "sons of god" fated to adventure the clash of the divine opposites, represented by means of the crucifixion. nine nine. "Letter to Pèe Lachat," The Symbolic lifestyles, CW 18, par. 1551. web page 131 14 Assumption and Coronation of Mary The dogmatization of the Assumptio Mariae issues to the hieros gamos within the pleroma, and this in flip implies . . . the longer term start of the divine baby, who, in line with the divine pattern in the direction of incarnation, will pick out as his birthplace the empirical guy.

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