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By Wendy Northcutt

The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection brings jointly a clean choice of the hapless, the heedless, and the simply undeniable foolhardy between us.  Salute the landlord of an apparatus education university who demonstrates the risks of riding a forklift by way of failing to outlive the filming of his personal security video. Gawk on the couple who nod off on a sloping roof. Witness the shepherd who leaves his rifle unsecured—only to be by accident shot by way of one in every of his personal flock.

With over 100 Darwin Award Winners, Honorable Mentions, and debunked city Legends, plus technology and defense suggestions for fending off the scythe of typical choice, The Darwin Awards II proves once more how unusual logic can be.

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This comes as no shock, for Enrique was once approximately to develop into a textbook demonstration of this basic legislations of physics. Having didn't plug the lead pipe of his trombone, he cleared the path for the strength of the blast to jet a superheated plume of fuel backward in the course of the mouthpiece, which slammed into his face just like the hand of destiny, burning his lips and epidermis and knocking him mercifully subconscious. however the pyrotechnic ballet wasn’t over but. The strength of the blast used to be so nice it cut up the bell of his glossy new Yamaha trombone correct down the center, turning it within out whereas propelling Enrique backward off the riser. For the grand finale, as Enrique fell to the floor, his limp fingers misplaced their grip at the slide of the trombone, permitting the strain of the new gases to propel the slide like a golden spear into the top of the 3rd clarinetist, knocking him mindless. the ethical of the tale? the subsequent time a trombonist hollers “Watch this! ” you’d larger duck! one other unfortunate MUSICIAN: Guitars ‘n’ weapons, web page 134 TECHNOLOGY: ENGINES OF DESTRUCTION seventy nine own ACCOUNT: robotic REAPER j again within the early eighties a firm that produced nuts and bolts determined to get sooner than the sport and automate their warehousing. They put in a robotic, which was once primarily a computercontrolled forklift that saved and retrieved packing containers of stock. It had no eyes or different sensors to inform if a person used to be in its course, and because it traveled twenty-five miles consistent with hour, it was once quite risky. the folks who designed the method didn't wish a killer robotic on their palms, so that they enclosed the total warehouse in a excessive barbed cord fence. They placed a wide “dead region” round it with extensive pink stripes and painted threat symptoms at the floor. The gate was once designed to prevent the robotic useless in its tracks the instant it was once opened. It used to be additionally most unlikely to shut it back from the interior. Foolproof? No! Fools are so inventive. Our hero labored for this corporation, and wanted a number of bolts from the warehouse. rather than dealing with basic systems, he determined to avoid wasting time and get them himself. He additionally felt that it used to be vital to not interrupt the robotic on its appointed rounds, although we are going to by no means be aware of why. regardless of the cause, he went to a few hassle to establish a rope-and-pulley contraption that allowed him to shut the warehouse gate from the interior. After hence making sure that the robotic was once nonetheless working, he attempted to fetch himself a few bolts, yet in its place earned a Darwin because the robotic ran him down. Reference: William D. Herndon, own account. one other MISADVENTURE leading to A LAWSUIT: Dive to demise, web page 50 80 THE DARWIN AWARDS II own ACCOUNT: PROP ARC safeguard 2001 j Ten years in the past i used to be an enlisted naval air crewman operating within the turbo-prop-driven plane P-3 neighborhood. I take note a security standdown tale that used to be a favourite people all. as with any form of plane, there are safeguard zones to monitor round a P-3, fairly within the area of the props. in no way are you to stroll via a prop arc, no matter if the aircraft is alive or lifeless.

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