Download E-books The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting – Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer PDF

By Mimi Spencer, Michael Mosley

THE legitimate 5:2 DIET

IS IT attainable TO devour good, more often than not, AND GET SLIMMER AND more healthy AS YOU DO IT?

WITH the quick vitamin IT IS.

This innovative new method of weightloss is absolutely is so simple as it sounds: you devour mostly 5 days per week, then for simply days you chop your energy (500 for ladies, six hundred for men).

medical trials of Intermittent Fasting have proven that it'll not just aid the kilos fly off but in addition decrease your possibility of more than a few ailments, together with diabetes, middle ailment and cancer.

Dr Michael Mosley, the clinical journalist whose BBC Horizon programme alerted the realm to the Intermittent Fasting phenomenon, provides the attention-grabbing technological know-how at the back of the 5:2 vitamin. Mimi Spencer, award-winning meals and style author, explains the practicalities of the way to head approximately it.

the short vitamin additionally features a calorie counter, complete color part, and a complete portion of speedy 500 and quickly six hundred menu plans as a way to show you how to comprise this groundbreaking weight reduction procedure into your day-by-day life.

the largest vitamin revolution because the Atkins —Daily Mail

Intermittent fasting is perfect for these folks who can with regards to be capable to be sturdy, yet lack the long-distance rigour of saints —Allison Pearson

The clinical facts that Intermittent Fasting could have various wellbeing and fitness merits is powerful —Professor Mark Mattson, nationwide Institute on Aging

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I'm now evangelising approximately this to all neighbors and associates at paintings; a few who're very sceptical and customarily commence with the reaction “Oooo, I couldn’t final all day with out food”. yet belief me – rather, you could, and in case you do understand how easy it's – it will get more uncomplicated and more uncomplicated. My mantra to my associates is: “you purely vitamin for a day”. And the easiest bit: i actually can consume all my favorite meals – pizza, curry, cheese, wine with no gaining weight or feeling in charge. It’s a life-style for me now, this means that i'm going to by no means have to nutrition back. ] Tara McLaughlin ‘I’ve the 5:2 nutrition ever considering staring at Michael Mosley’s Horizon programme. Its extensively replaced my angle to food/hunger. i believe extra lively, and wasting approximately a stone has been a pleasant plus. I’m now not this sort of individual to stick with “reducing” diets. It was once the technology that me. i do know an awesome variety of people who additionally wouldn’t “diet”, yet who're Intermittent Fasting. i really worth the fasting days in a manner I by no means idea i might, which makes them effortless to stay to. I don’t intend to ever drop it. Susie White TWEETS ‘Thank you for altering my way of life. switched over a number of individuals to ADF/5:2 due to u, Horizon and @ feedfastfeast facebook workforce’ @Stickypippa ‘As for me, were IFasting on the grounds that 12 months programme, replaced my perspective to food/hunger, consider vigorous & misplaced approximately a stone’ @cottagegardener ‘After four months on 5:2, trust your document evaluate… this would swap the realm. Your ebook should still gas the revolution. ’ @alert_bri ‘Overheard mums in playground at the present time conversing approximately you + 5:2. It’s relatively catching on! happy as I’ve been doing it for a while. ’ @alicia1980 ‘Thanks! We stumbled on the express very inspirational and from what humans have tweeted us, plenty of others did too. Love your exhibits’ @ValarWellbeing CALORIE COUNTER All values are uncooked product except differently said, cereals are dried values until in a different way acknowledged FOOD/PRODUCT SERVING measurement KCALS clean VEG Artichoke (globe) 100G 24 Artichoke (jerusalem) 100G seventy three Arugula 100G 24 Asparagus 100G 27 Aubergine 100G 18 Avocado 100G 193 Beansprouts 100G 32 Beetroot 100G 38 Bell pepper 100G 30 Bok choy 100G 15 Broccoli 100G 32 Brussel sprouts 100G forty three Cabbage 100G 29 Carrot 100G 34 Cauliflower 100G 35 Celeriac 100G 17 Celery 100G eight Chard 100G 17 Chickpea 100G 320 Chicory 100G 19 Collard vegetables 100G 33 Corn 100G one hundred fifteen Courgette 100G 18 Closed cup mushrooms 100G sixteen Cucumber 100G 10 Endive 100G 17 Fennel 100G 14 Floridix complement 100ML eighty Frisée lettuce 100G 18 Garlic 100G 106 eco-friendly beans 100G 25 Iceberg lettuce 100G 14 Kale 100G 33 Leek 100G 23 Lentil 100G 319 Lettuce 100G 15 Mustard vegetables 100G 26 Onion (red) 100G 38 Onion (white) 100G 38 Peas, backyard (frozen) 100G 86 Peas, petit pois 100G fifty two Portobello mushrooms 100G thirteen Potato (white) 100G seventy nine Radicchio 100G 19 Radish 100G thirteen Rocket lettuce 100G 24 Romaine lettuce 100G sixteen around lettuce 100G 15 Samphire 100G 26 Shiitake mushrooms 100G 27 Spinach 100G 25 Squash 100G forty candy potatoes 100G ninety three Swiss chard 100G 19 Tomato 100G 20 Turnip 100G 24 nutrition C drugs 100ML 2 Watercress 100G 26 Wheatgrass (frozen juice) 100G 17 FRUIT Açai (dried berry powder) 1G five Aloe 100G three Apples 100G fifty one Apricots 100G 32 Bananas 100G 103 Black olives (pitted, tired) 100G 154 Blackberries 100G 26 Blueberries 100G 60 Cherries 100G fifty two Cherries (glacé) 100G 313 Clementines 100G forty-one Compote (apple & blackberry) 100G 107 Cranberries 100G forty two Dried apple 100G 310 Dried apricot 100G 196 Dried banana chips 100G 523 Dried blueberries 100G 313 Dried cranberries 100G 346 Dried dates (pitted) 100G 303 Dried figs 100G 229 Dried mango 100G 268 Dried prunes 100G 151 Figs 100G 230 Goji berries 100G 313 Grapefruit 100G 30 Grapes 100G sixty six Kiwi 100G fifty five Lemon 100G 20 Limes 100G 12 Mandarin 100G 35 Melon 100G 29 Nectarines 100G forty four Oranges 100G forty Papaya 100G forty Peaches 100G 37 Peaches (tinned) 100G 50 Pears 100G forty-one Pears (tinned) 100G 37 Pineapple 100G forty three Pineapple (tinned) 100G 50 Plums 100G 39 Pomegranate 100G fifty five Pomelo 100G 34 Prunes (tinned) 100G ninety Raisins 100G 292 Raspberries 100G 30 Satsumas 100G 31 Smoothies (strawberry/banana) 100ML fifty one Strawberries 100G 28 Tangerines 100G 39 Watermelon 100G 33 HERBS AND SPICES Basil 1G zero Cinnamon 1G three Cloves 1G three Coriander 1G zero Cumin 1G four Ginger 1G 1 Lemongrass 1G 1 Mint 1G zero Nutmeg 1G four Oregano 1G three Paprika 1G three Parsley 1G zero Pepper 1G three Rosemary 1G zero Saffron 1G three Sage 1G three Tamarind paste 100G 142 Tarragon 1G zero Thyme 1G 2 Turmeric 1G three Vanilla pods 1G three OILS/FATS Butter (unsalted) 100G 739 Butter (salted) 100G 739 Canola oil 100ML 825 Corn oil 100ML 829 Hemp oil 100ML 837 Flaxseed oil 100ML 813 Lard 100G 899 Margarine 100G 735 Olive oil 100ML 823 Olive oil unfold 100G 543 Rapeseed oil 100ML 825 Sunflower oil 100ML 828 Vegetable oil 100ML 827 plants 100G 410 GRAINS Amaranth, grain 100G 368 Arborio rice 100G 354 Barley 100G 364 Basmati rice 100G 353 Bread (rye) 100G 242 Bread (spelt) 100G 241 Bread (pumpernickel) 100G 183 Bread (baguette) 100G 242 Bread (ciabatta) 100G 269 Bread (sourdough) 100G 256 Bread (soda, brown) 100G 223 Bread (pitta, white) 100G 265 Bread (chapati) 100G 278 Brown rice 100G 340 Buckwheat 100G 343 Buckwheat noodles 100G 363 Bulgar 100G 334 Corn (popping) 100G 339 Cous cous 100G 358 Cream crackers 100G 437 Gluten-free bread 100G 282 Granola 100G 432 Jasmine rice 100G 352 lengthy grain rice 100G 355 Matzo crackers 100G 381 Millet 100G 354 Muesli (unsweetened) 100G 353 Noodles (instant) 100G 450 Oats 100G 369 Oat muffins 100G 440 Oatmeal 100G 363 Porridge (ready to devour) 100G ninety five Quinoa 100G 375 Ramen noodles 100G 361 Rice truffles 100G 379 Rice noodles 100G 373 Rye 100G 331 Rye bread 100G 242 brief grain rice 100G 351 Spelt 100G 314 Spelt bread 100G 241 Tortilla 100G 307 Triticale 100G 338 Udon noodles 100G 352 Vermicelli noodles 100G 354 Wheat berries 100G 326 complete grain breads 100G 260 entire grain cereal 100G 345 complete grain pasta 100G 326 entire wheat breads 100G 234 complete wheat cereal 100G 359 complete wheat pasta 100G 326 White rice 100G 355 Wild rice 100G 353 All bran 100G 334 Alpen 100G 361 Dorset cereal muesli 100G 356 Kallo milk choc rice tarts 100G 495 Quaker Oat So uncomplicated speedy porridge 100G 380 Ryvita (original) 100G 350 unique okay 100G 379 Uncle Ben’s white rice (long grain) 100G 344 PROTEIN Almonds (whole) 100G 613 Almonds (flaked) 100G 641 Almond (ground) 100G 618 Bacon 100G 244 Baked beans 100G eighty three red meat, lean 100G 116 Black beans 100G 341 Burger (lamb) 100G 267 Burger (beef) 100G 283 Butter beans 100G 270 Cashews 100G 583 Calamari (battered, frozen) 100G 2 hundred Chia seeds 100G 422 poultry breast, skinless 100G a hundred and five poultry thigh, skinless 100G 163 Chickpeas 100G 320 Chipolata sausage 100G 267 Chorizo sausage 100G 348 Cod 100G eighty Dover sole 100G seventy eight Duck breast, skinless 100G ninety two Edamame 100G 117 Egg whites 100G 50 Eggs (fried) 100G 187 Eggs (omelette) 100G 173 Eggs (poached) 100G a hundred forty five Eggs (scrambled) 100G a hundred and fifty five Fish, unbreaded 100G seventy six Flageolet beans 100G 279 Flaxseed 100G 495 Garbanzo beans 100G 320 Goose 100G 356 Guinea chicken 100G 158 Haddock (fillets) 100G seventy four Halibut 100G a hundred Ham, lean 100G 104 Ham (pre-packaged, sliced) 100G 118 Hazelnuts 100G 660 Hemp seeds 100G 437 Hummus 100G 303 Lamb chops 100G 260 Lamb loin 100G 231 Lamb sausages 100G 260 Liver (chicken) 100G 122 Kidney beans 100G 311 Lima butter beans 100G 282 Lentils (red) 100G 327 Lentils (green) 100G 316 Lentils (yellow) 100G 334 Lentils (brown) 100G 297 Mackerel (fillets) 100G 204 Minced red meat 100G 184 Minced lamb 100G 235 Minced red meat 100G one hundred forty Miso (paste) 100G 131 Mussels 100G ninety two army beans 100G 285 Nuts (mixed, unsalted) 100G 661 Pâté 100G 322 Peanut butter, average 100G 621 Peanuts 100G 561 Pinto beans 100G 309 Pistachio 100G 584 red meat, lean 100G 117 beef sausage 100G 272 Prawns (King) 100G sixty nine Pumpkin seeds 100G 590 Rabbit 100G 137 Salami 100G 352 Salmon (canned) 100G 131 Salmon (fresh) 100G 215 Sardines (fresh) 100G a hundred sixty five Sardines (tinned, in water) 100G 179 Sashimi 100G 137 Scallops 100G eighty three Sea bass (fillets) 100G 133 Seafood (unbreaded) 100G seventy six Sesame seeds 100G 616 Shrimp 100G sixty five Soybeans 100G 375 Stewing pork 100G 121 Stewing lamb 100G one hundred seventy five Sunflower seeds 100G 591 Sushi 100G 156 Tahini 100G 658 Tempeh 100G 172 Tofu 100G 70 Tuna (canned) 100G 108 Tuna (fresh) 100G 137 Turkey, skinless 100G 103 Veggie burgers 100G 137 Walnuts 100G 693 White beans 100G 285 White fish (steamed) 100G eighty three Wild online game, skinless (venison) 100G one hundred and one Quorn (chicke-style items) 100G 114 DAIRY Almond milk 100ML 24 Cheddar cheese (low-fat) 100G 263 Cottage cheese (low-fat) 100G seventy two Cow’s milk cheese, Cheddar 100G 410 Cream cheese (low-fat) 100G 109 Crème fraiche (normal) 100ML 299 Crème fraiche (low-fat) 100ML seventy nine Custard 100G 118 Feta cheese 100G 276 Fromage frais 100G a hundred and five Fruit yoghurt 100G ninety four Goat cheese, tender 100G 324 Goat milk (whole) 100ML sixty one Greek yoghurt 100G 132 Milk (whole) 100ML sixty four Milk (semi skimmed) 100ML 50 Milk (1%) 100ML forty-one Milk (skim) 100ML 35 Parmesan cheese (fresh, grated) 100G 389 Parmesan cheese (previously grated) 100G 389 Rice milk 100ML forty six Roquefort 100G 368 Ricotta 100G 134 bitter cream (normal) 100ML 192 bitter cream (low-fat) 100ML 104 Soy milk 100ML forty two Yoghurt (low-fat, with lively cultures) 100G sixty six Philadelphia cream cheese (normal) 100G 245 Philadelphia cream cheese (low-fat) 100G 111 SAUCES/DIPS/DRESSINGS Agave syrup 100G 296 Aioli 100G 611 Béarnaise sauce 100G 580 barbeque sauce 100G one hundred forty four Bolognaise sauce (no meat) 100G 50 Capers 100G 32 Caramel sauce 100G 389 Chocolate sauce 100G 367 Chutney, tomato 100G 141 Coconut flakes 100G 632 Cornichons 100G 34 Cranberry sauce 100G 192 Gherkins 100G 38 Gravy (beef, readymade) 100G forty five Hollandaise sauce 100G 239 Honey 100G 334 Hummus 100G 303 Icing 100G 405 Jalapeño 100G 18 Jam (strawberry) 100G 258 Maple syrup 100G 265 Marmalade 100G 266 Mayonnaise (low-fat) 100ML ninety three Mustard (dijon) 100G a hundred and sixty Mustard (english) 100G 167 Mustard (grain) 100G 159 Nutella 100G 529 Pesto 100G 431 Piccalili sauce 100G eighty Pickled onions 100G 36 Pickles 100G 20 Roasted aubergine spread/dip 100G 102 Roasted purple pepper spread/dip 100G 235 Salad dressing (balsamic) 100ML 209 Salad dressing (caesar no fats) 100ML sixty one Salad dressing (olive oil and lemon) 100ML 439 Salad dresssing (low-calorie) 100ML fifty eight Salsa 100G sixty eight Soy sauce 100ML a hundred and five Spirulina, powder 100G 374 Sriracha 100ML ninety eight Sundried tomatoes 100G 167 Taramasalata 100G 516 Tartare sauce 100G 358 Tomato and basil sauce 100G 60 Tomato ketchup 100G 102 Tikka masala sauce 100G 133 Treacle 100G 294 Tzatzkiki 100G 137 Vegemite 100G 189 Vinegar (balsamic) 100ML 138 Vinegar (red wine) 100ML 23 Vinegar (white wine) 100ML 22 Whipped cream 100ML 368 Heinz salad cream 100G 333 HP brown sauce 100G 119 Lea & Perrins 100ML a hundred and fifteen Marmite 100G 252 beverages Apple juice 100ML forty four Beer, sour 100ML 32 Beer, lager 100ML forty three Cappuccino, entire milk 100ML 37 Capuccino, skimmed milk 100ML 22 Champagne 100ML seventy six espresso (black) 100ML zero espresso (with semi-sk milk) 100ML 7 Cordial (lime) 100ML 24 Cordial (elderflower) 100ML 27 coffee 100ML 20 Gin and tonic 100ML 70 Ginger ale (dry) 100ML 34 sizzling chocolate 100ML fifty nine sizzling chocolate (low-cal) 100ML 19 scorching milk and honey (semi-sk) 100ML fifty eight Latte (whole milk) 100ML fifty four Latte (skimmed milk) 100ML 29 Lemonade 100ML forty seven Lime juice 100ML 23 Macchiato (whole milk) 100ML 30 Macchiato (skimmed milk) 100ML 26 Milkshakes (strawberry) 100ML sixty seven Orange juice 100ML forty two Orange squash 100ML 10 Pear juice 100ML forty three pink wine 100ML sixty eight glowing water 100ML zero Tea (black) 100ML zero Tea (chai latte, semi-sk) 100ML 70 Tea (green) 100ML zero Tea (herbal) 100ML zero Vodka tonic 100ML seventy one White wine 100ML sixty six Sprite 100ML forty four Coca cola 100ML forty three Coke (diet) 100ML zero Coke (normal) 100ML forty three blameless smoothy (strawberry/banana) 100ML fifty three blameless smoothy (mango) 100ML fifty six Ribena 100ML forty three SANDWICHES Ham and cheese 100G 288 Egg and cress 100G 232 Cheese and chutney 100G 228 Tuna salad 100G 221 SOUPS Bouillon 100ML 7 Carrot and coriander 100G 35 fowl noodle 100G 35 Chowder 100G fifty three Leek and potato 100G fifty three mild broth 100G 36 Lobster bisque 100G sixty eight Miso 100G 22 Onion 100G forty five Passata 100G 31 Pho (beef with noodles) 100G sixty six Tomato and basil 100G forty Vegetable 100G forty five Heinz cream of mushroom 100G 50 Heinz tomato 100G fifty nine CAKES/BISCUITS/ cakes Apple pie 100G 262 Apple tart 100G 265 Baklava 100G 498 tarts 100G 419 Carrot cake, iced 100G 359 Chewing gum, sugarfree 100G 159 Chocolate (dark) 100G 547 Chocolate (milk) 100G 549 Chocolate (white) 100G 567 Chocolate cake, iced 100G 414 Chocolate chip cookies 100G 499 Chocolate-covered raisins 100G 418 Cinnamon buns 100G 280 Chocolate mousse 100G 174 Chocolate croissant 100G 433 Crystallized ginger 100G 351 Ice cream, vanilla 100G a hundred ninety Flapjacks, all-butter 100G 457 Lemon cake 100G 366 Liquorice 100G 325 Marshmallow 100G 338 Meringue 100G 394 Mince pies 100G 398 Oatmeal raisin cookies 100G 445 soreness aux raisins 100G 335 Peppermints 100G 395 Scones 100G 366 Sherbert, lemon 100G 390 Shortbread, all-butter 100G 523 Sorbet, lemon 100G 118 Tiramisu 100G 263 Toffee 100G 459 Yoghurt-covered dried fruit 100G 447 Cadbury’s dairy milk 100G 525 Haribo 100G 344 Digestives – Mcvities 100G 478 eco-friendly and Black’s 70% chocolate 100G 575 eco-friendly and Black’s eighty five% chocolate 100G 630 Hob Nobs – Mcvities 100G 473 Jaffa truffles 100G 377 Lindt 70% chocolate 100G 540 Tic tacs 100G 391 Wine gums 100G 325 SAVOURY SNACKS Bagels 100G 256 Breadsticks 100G 408 Cheese straws 100G 520 Crumpets 100G a hundred and eighty French fries (oven-baked) 100G 260 Meat pies 100G 293 truffles (blueberry) 100G 387 Pizza (Margherita) 100G 258 undeniable croissant 100G 414 Popcorn (salty) 100G 520 Popcorn (sweet) 100G 493 Potato chips (readysalted) 100G 529 Quiche Lorraine 100G 261 Peanuts (unsalted) 100G 561 Salted peanuts 100G 621 Salted combined nuts 100G 667 Samosas (vegetable) 100G 225 Sausage roll 100G 340 Vegetable chips 100G 502 info supplied via www.

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