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This is an inquiry into the lifetime of Imām ‘Ali b. Mūsā al-Rida, peace be on him, the 8th Imām from the family of the Prophet. he's Allah’s mild, His present, and His treasure. He and his fathers, the leaders of Islamic concept, are in little need of praisers’ compliment and descripers’ description, for Allah, the Exalted praised them, took away uncleanness from them, and purified them from deviation. concerning them He, the Exalted, has acknowledged: “Verily Allah intends to maintain off from you each form of uncleanness and to purify you humans of the home with an intensive purification.[1]” He has additionally imposed love for them on the entire youngsters of Islam. in addition He, the Exalted, has acknowledged: “Say: I call for no longer of you any present for it (the toils of preaching) other than the affection of my relations.[2]”

Their grandfather the Messenger, may perhaps Allah bless him and his relatives, linked them to the Qur’ān whilst he acknowledged: “I am going to go away between you the thaqalayn. should you cleave to them, you are going to by no means cross off beam after me; certainly one of them is larger than the opposite ¾that is the publication of Allah that is a wire stretching from the sky to the earth and my offspring from my relations. they are going to by no means scatter (from one another) till they arrive to me on the Pool (hawd). as a result, imagine! how can you deal with them after me?[3]” additionally he, could Allah bless him and his relations, appeared them because the life-ships of this group. He has stated:

[1] Qur'ān, 33, 22.

[2] Ibid., forty-one, 23.

[3] Al-Tirmidhi, Sahih, vol. 2, p. 308. Asad al-Ghāba, vol. 2, p. 12.



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2] 32. Ibn al-Hajjāj Ibn al-Hajjāj composed ample poetry bearing on praising Imām al-Ridā, peace be on him. those strains are a part of it: O son of him from whom noble deeds are pronounced, and exalted morals are taken! O he who has given the identify of al-Ridā, ‘Ali b. Mūsā, may possibly Allah be happy with his father and him! [3] [1] 'Uyyūn Akhbār al-Ridā, vol. 1, p. four. [2] Ibid. , p. 6. [3] AL-Manāqib, vol. four, p. 343. 33. ‘Abd Allah Bin al-Mubārak Praising the Imam`, ‘Abd Allah Bin al-Mubārak composed this poetry line: this is often ‘Ali (al-Ridā); he leads counsel and is the easiest of the youths of Quraysh in foundation. [1] 34. AL-Sawli touching on lauding the Imām, al-Sawli has stated: ‘Ali (al-Ridā), the magnified, is the simplest of the folk in soul, father, kin, and grandfathers. Takktum has introduced him to us for wisdom, and clemency. he's the 8th Imām who will bring the facts of Allah. [2] 35. Ibn Hammād Lauding Imām al-Ridā, peace be on him, the poet Ibn Hammād has acknowledged: My craving has pushed it (my soul) to Tūs and to him whom Tūs has embraced. At that position is al-Ridā, who's a worthy student and discovered guy; the sea of information and knowledge whilst in comparison (with men); and light-weight of Allah which none can extinguish. [3] 36. AL-Arbali Praising the Imām in a poem and craving for traveling his grave, ‘Ali b. ‘Īsā al-Arbali has stated: O diligent rider, cease the camels while arrive within the land of Tūs! don't be fearful of their being drained, and depart hitting [1] Ibid. [2] 'Uyyūn Akhbār al-Ridā, vol. 1, p. 15. [3] AL-Manāqib, vol. four, p. 350. them in the course of preventing and taking a relaxation. Kiss the floor for those who see the earth of the Shrine of the easiest of mankind, ‘Ali b. Mūsā. Recite to him my greetings, that are just like the body spray of musk, (and say to him that those greetings are) from Ali b. ‘Īsā. Say: That invaluable position gets the peace of Allah each time. the person who recalls Allah continues to be reciting glorification and hallowing in the home. (It is) the home of honor. the person who is going instantly to it will proceed sending his hopes and the camels to it. (It is) the home of glory. compliment and laudation remains to be dedicated to it. What may possibly I potentially say in praising the folks whose glory Allah has validated with an institution? What may perhaps I in all likelihood say in praising the folk whose identify Allah has sanctified with a sanctification? they're the courses of mankind. they're the main beneficiant of every person. Their origins and souls are noble. whilst a drought happened, they gave generously like rain. while a obscure blunders turned darkish, they seem like suns. They gave honor to horses, pulpits, and camels once they ascended them. they're the folk whose love gets rid of concerns, and whose features clarify the pages. they're noble in start, solid in foundation, natural in ancestry, and meritorious in root. No buddy turned unsatisfied via them whilst he made buddies with them. I supported them with my praising them while i didn't sign up for the military. they've got stuffed my center with friendship and wish, and that i have stuffed the pages with my praising them.

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