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By Douglas Adams, John Lloyd

In existence and, certainly, in liff, there are various 1000's of universal reports, emotions, occasions or even gadgets which we know and realize, yet for which no phrases exist. this article makes use of position names to explain a few of these meanings.

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One of those burglar alarm utilization. it's cunningly designed in order that it may ring at complete quantity on the street with out it sounds as if tense somebody. different different types of framlingams are burglar alarms suited to company premises in residential components, which burst off as a question of normal regimen at five. 31 p. m. on a Friday night and don't get grew to become off til nine. 20 a. m. on Monday morning. FRANT (n. ) degree. The felony minimal distance among trains at the District and Circle line of the London Underground. A frant, which needs to be at the least 122 chains (or eight leagues) lengthy, isn't attached by any means with the adjective 'frantic' which involves us by way of a totally various course (as certainly do the trains). FRATING eco-friendly (adj. ) The coloration of eco-friendly that's alleged to make you're feeling cozy in hospitals, industrious in faculties and uneasy in police stations. FRIMLEY (n. ) Exaggerated carefree saunter followed through Norman knowledge as an instantaneous prelude to losing down an open manhole. FRING (n. ) The noise made through gentle bulb which has simply shone its final. FROLESWORTH (n. ) degree. The minimal time it is crucial to spend frowning in deep focus at each one photo in an artwork gallery so that every body else does not imagine you have a whole moron. FROSSES (pl. n. ) The lecherous appears to be like exchanged among sixteen-year-olds at a celebration given by means of a persons mom and dad. FULKING (participial vb. ) Pretending to not be in while the carol-singers come around. GALASHIELS (pl. n. ) a sort of quite lengthy sparse sideburns that are a part of the necessary uniform of British Rail guards. GALLIPOLI (adj. ) Of the behaviour of a backside lip attempting to spit mouthwash after an injection on the dentist. for that reason, unfastened, floppy, lifeless. 'She went all at once Gallipoli in his hands' - Noel Coward. GANGES (n. infrequent : colonial Indian) Leg-rash gotten smaller from taking part in an excessive amount of polo. (It is a little-known incontrovertible fact that Prince Charles is stricken via ganges down the interior of his hands. ) GASTARD (n. ) precious in particular new-coined note for an illegitimate baby (in order to differentiate it from somebody who in basic terms carves you up at the highway, and so forth. ) GILDERSOME (adj. ) Descriptive of a funny story a person tells you which ones begins good, yet which turns into so adorned within the telling that you simply begin to weary of it after scarcely part an hour. GIPPING (participial vb. ) The fish-like establishing and shutting of the jaws noticeable among those that have lately been to the dentist and are questioned as to if their the teeth were placed again the best approach up. GLASGOW (n. ) the sensation of limitless unhappiness engendered while jogging via a spot choked with chuffed humans fifteen years more youthful than your self. GLASSEL (n. ) A beach pebble which used to be glossy and fascinating whilst rainy, and that is now a lump of rock, which teenagers however insist on submitting their suitcases with after the vacation. GLAZELEY (adj. ) The nation of a barrister's flat greasy hair after donning a wig all day. GLEMENUILT (n. ) the type of guilt which you would thoroughly forgotten approximately which comes roaring again on learning an previous letter in a cabinet.

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