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By Matt D. Wilson

Looking for how out of the rat race? bored with your ho-hum, workaday existence? Have an inexplicable love of turning people into inanimate gadgets? Then specialist supervillainy could simply be for you! With counsel from the popular founder and overlord of the overseas Society of Supervillains, The Supervillain Handbook is your one-stop-shop for every little thing evil. achieve helpful perception at the paintings of revenge, opting for your evil identify, the place to discover the precise lair, and lots more and plenty more!

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Demise ray (n. ) a ray (see “ray”) that explanations dying (not to be burdened with a “hurt ray”) defile (v. ) destroy or destroy; what superheroes on a regular basis do to every thing simply by being round death (n. ) a funky and dramatic solution to say “death” spoil (v. ) type of like “annihilate” or “crush;” this may be such a lot of your day dolt (n. ) a silly, henchmanesque individual doom (n. ) the number-one target foil (v. ) wreck or upend; what superheroes frequently do to plans: Insolent idiot! you may have foiled my try and wrap the whole Pacific Ocean in aluminum foil! idiot (n. ) every body who's no longer you (and, after all, me) excellent (adj. ) extraordinary; what it will likely be like while your plan eventually involves fruition hamfisted (adj. ) clumsy; used to explain any try out through a superhero to do whatever hatred (n. ) the driver at the back of every little thing; the one emotion worthy having damage ray (n. ) doesn't exist drawing close (adj. ) coming; pretty well merely is going with “doom” or “destruction” indolent (adj. ) slothful, like henchmen inventive (adj. ) outstanding or shrewdpermanent; can be used to explain all your plans insolent (adj. ) disobedient, like superheroes (and additionally henchmen) justice (n. ) revenge kill (v. ) briefly incapacitate kneel (v. ) what you'll finally strength each person to do prior to you (see “bow”) lackey (n. ) an individual who's subservient; toady; usually a cretinous dolt laser (n. ) kind of a ray, type of (see “ray”) unlimited (adj. ) endless; the single kind of energy worthy battling for subject (idiomatic) “no matter,” describing something a superhero ever does meddling (v. ) additionally something a superhero ever does megalomaniacal (adj. ) general minion (n. ) smaller lackeys pernicious (adj. ) evil or depraved; used frequently for alliterative reasons pilfer (v. ) scouse borrow; used often for alliterative reasons pusillanimous (adj. ) cowardly; used normally for alliterative reasons strength (n. ) energy or point of keep watch over; lifeless whether it is now not unlimited (see “limitless”) putrid (adj. ) disgusting and foul; superheroish ray (n. ) type of a laser, form of (see “laser”) ray gun (n. ) a gun that shoots rays of varied types (contrary to a standard false impression, can be utilized on individuals with names except Ray) relent (v. ) to surrender or slacken; what you'll usually command superheroes to do while you're pelting them with strolling piranhas reprobate (n. ) a depraved or wicked individual; for villains with skewed senses of justice, typical humans repugnant (adj. ) sickening or unattractive: Having to monitor you teenager heroes make out whereas I’m attempting to fill the town reservoir with ghosts is repugnant! repulsive (adj. ) repugnant: heavily! this is often rather rattling repulsive! you recognize what? wonderful! Take me to prison! If in simple terms to break out from you ! retreat (v. ) run clear of a struggle; whatever you'll regularly say you by no means do; anything you'll do for all time revenge (n. ) justice ruse (n. ) a trick, frequently performed utilizing disguises or different artifice; anything superheroes someway take care of by means of punching it away sanctimonious (adj.

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