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By Joe Harvard

The Velvet Underground and Nico has prompted the sound of extra bands than the other album. And remarkably, it nonetheless sounds as clean and demanding at the present time because it did upon its liberate in 1967. during this e-book, Joe Harvard covers every thing from Lou Reed's lyrical genius to John Cale's groundbreaking instrumentation, and from the inventive enter of Andy Warhol to the ins and outs of the recording approach. With enter from co-producer Norman Dolph and Velvets fan Jonathan Richman, Harvard records the production of a list which - within the eyes of many - hasn't ever been matched. <B><B>EXCERPT<B>In 1966, a few studios, like Abbey highway, had technicians in white lab coats, or even the fewer formal studios frequently had genuine engineering graduates in the back of the consoles. Studios have been nonetheless extra approximately technological know-how than paintings. consumers who dared make technical feedback have been taken care of with bemusement, derision, or hostility. The Velvets have been a tender band below consistent severe assault, and the strain to comply which will achieve recognition should have been great. so much bands of that period compromised with their checklist businesses, via wholesale revamping in their photograph from cloth cabinet to musical variety, altering or omitting lyrics, growing vastly edited types for radio airplay, or disposing of songs completely from their units and files. With Andy Warhol within the band's nook, such threats have been minimized.

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