By Abu Mohd Al-Hasan binAlibinHussein binShuba Al-Harrani - XKP

The Prophet’s connection with wisdom, mind, and lack of know-how The Prophet (peace be upon him and his relatives) instructed:

Learn the information, for to benefit it's a bonus, to check it's (a function of) glorification of God, to look for it really is (a kind of) jihad, to coach it (to the ignorant ones) is charity, to train it freely is a pious act since it is the signal of the halal and haram.


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1] Muawiya’s mom –Hind- ate the liver of Hamza; the Prophet’s uncle, whilst he used to be killed within the conflict of Uhud, as a way of expressing her unlimited hatred to the Prophet and his family members once they had killed her father, brother, and uncle within the conflict of Badr. [2] The Holy Quran, Sura of Al-Israa (17) Verse (12) Imam Al-Hasan’s Wording in regards to the resource of strength Al-Hasan bin Abul-Hasan Al-Basri wrote the subsequent missive to Abu Mohammed Al-Hasan bin Ali (peace be upon him): So then, you, the Hashemites, are the progressing ships within the excessive waves, the prestigious illuminative symptoms, and the ark of Noah (peace be upon him) on which the believers embark and through which the Muslims are stored. I write to you, son of the Prophet, approximately out argument approximately destiny and our perplexity concerning the resource of strength. I want you are going to let us know of the opinion of your fathers and yours. it's without doubt that your wisdom is part of God’s, and also you are the witnesses on humans and God is the witness on you. you're the offspring of each other, and God is All-hearing and All-seeing. Imam Al-Hasan (peace be upon him) replied: within the identify of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. i've got got your missive. basically since you mentioned the perplexity of you and those that handed, i'm going to clarify the query to you. He who doesn't think within the proven fact that God has complete acquaintance with the nice and the evil of the destiny is disbeliever. He who refers the doing of the acts of disobedience to Him is sinful. God has now not been obeyed by means of strength and has now not been defied because of His being triumph over. He has now not respited the servants uselessly. he's absolutely the possessor of what He has given to them in ownership and controls what He has empowered. His commandments are not obligatory and His warnings are technique of warning. If the servants hang to the obedience to God, they won't locate any barrier of their approach and in the event that they disobey, God may possibly do them prefer via precluding them from doing such acts of disobedience. If he doesn't do, then it isn't He who encourages them committing so through strength or compulsorily. to the contrary, He does them the want of informing, advising, caution, ordering, and telling them to not achieve this. He doesn't body them to obey Him just like the angels and doesn't oblige them to dedicate acts of disobedience to Him. ultimate authority belongs simply to God. Had He sought after, He may have given you all tips. Peace be upon those that stick to the proper tips. Imam Al-Hasan’s Admonition you need to comprehend that God has no longer created you vainly and won't allow you to move to not anything. He restricted your phrases of dying and organized your livings in order that each clever will observe his real place and discover that no matter what God has disposed for him will necessarily befall him and no matter what is taken clear of him won't ever hit him. God has kept you from working after the sustenance of this global, given you for all time for worshipping Him, suggested you thanking Him, ordained you to say Him, recommended you to worry Him, and made worry of Him the maximum goal of His delight.

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