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By William A. Sethares

Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale specializes in perceptions of consonance and dissonance, and the way those are depending on timbre. This additionally pertains to musical scale: yes timbres sound extra consonant in a few scales than others. Sensory consonance and the power to degree it have very important implications for the layout of audio units and for musical idea and research. purposes contain tools of adapting sounds for arbitrary scales, how one can specify scales for nonharmonic sounds, and methods of sound manipulation in accordance with maximizing (or minimizing) consonance. detailed attention is given right here to a brand new approach to adaptive tuning that may immediately regulate the tuning of a bit established its timbral personality which will reduce dissonance. Audio examples illustrating the tips provided are supplied on an accompanying CD. This particular research of sound and scale might be of curiosity to physicists and engineers operating in acoustics, in addition to to musicians and psychologists.

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6 As a composer, Partch is drawn to exploiting those suns and their planets. He finds 4 sorts of durations: periods of strength, of suspense, of emotion, and of process. strength durations are the generic excellent consonances famous 6 Helmholtz could declare that those dissonant clusters are as a result of the thrashing of an analogous higher partials that allowed Partch to music the software so safely. five Consonance and Dissonance of Harmonic Sounds C D forty __ 27 three _ 2 21 __ sixteen 32 __ 21 nine _ 7 14 __ eleven 14 __ nine eleven __ 7 Emotion five _ four B Eb eleven __ nine 6 _ five 32 __ 27 18 __ eleven Bb E five _ three 27 __ sixteen 12 __ 7 eight _ 7 nine _ eight 7 _ four sixteen __ nine A F 10/9 ach Appro 9/5 20/11 11/6 11/10 12/11 sixteen __ 15 nse eight _ five 7 _ 6 21 __ 20 continual Emotion 27 __ 20 2 _ three spe sixteen __ eleven eleven __ eight A b F# 15 __ eight forty __ 21 33 __ 32 sixty four __ 33 eighty one __ eighty 1 _ 1 one hundred sixty __ eighty one 2 _ 1 G G Fig. five. four. Partch’s graph of comparative consonance, the “One-Footed Bride,” exhibits the relative consonance of every of the durations in his 43-toneper-octave simply scale in keeping with G. 4 forms of periods are depicted: periods of strength, suspense, emotion, and process. determine is redrawn and used with permission [B: 128]. 10 __ 7 Su se en sp Su continual C# C# ch 7 _ five Appro a ninety basic Ratios Secondary Ratios continual when you consider that antiquity. Suspenseful durations are these among the fourth and the fifth that generalize the functionality of the tritone. various thirds and sixths rationalize (in a literal feel) and extend at the type of feelings often linked to significant and minor thirds and sixths. eventually, the durations of method tend to be reserved for passing tones and melodic inflections. Like Helmholtz, Partch saw little correlation among the notes of the 12-tet scale and the comparative consonance of the periods. after all, 12-tet scale steps can approximate a number of the simply ratios. yet Partch was once no longer a guy to compromise or approximate, and he committed his lifestyles to making tune and tools on which to achieve his imaginative and prescient of a simply tune that may no longer ceaselessly torment the ear. thankfully, this present day issues are a lot more straightforward. digital keyboards might be retuned to Partch’s (or the other scale) with the frenzy of a button or the press of a mouse. five. three. three Harmonic Entropy The dialogue of digital pitch (in Sect. 2. four. 2) describes how the auditory method determines the pitch of a fancy tone by way of finding a harmonic template 5. three Harmonic Dissonance Curves ninety one that lies as regards to the partials of the tone. If the elemental (or root) of the template is low, then the pitch is perceived as low; if the foundation of the template is excessive, then the pitch is perceived as excessive. frequently, in spite of the fact that, the that means of “closest harmonic template” is ambiguous, for example, whilst there's a couple of be aware sounding or while a unmarried word has an inharmonic spectrum. Harmonic entropy, as brought by means of Erlich [W: 9], presents how to degree the uncertainty of the fit of a harmonic template to a posh sound spectrum. Erlich writes: there's a very powerful propensity for the ear to attempt to fit what it hears into one or a small variety of harmonic sequence, and the basics of those sequence, whether now not bodily current, are both heard outright, or supply a extra sophisticated feel of total pitch recognized to musicians because the “root.

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