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By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Death is a fact during which all people think. in spite of the fact that, it's also a fact which so much people prefer to preserve out of our minds.

In Islam, dying isn't really an finish to our lifestyles; it's a passage, which takes us from this global to the hereafter – the particular function for our production and the results of our paintings during this existence. no matter if we worry demise or now not is dependent upon how a lot now we have ready for the reckoning of the Day Judgement.

Preparing for dying is a lifetime’s task. It starts at the day you succeed in the age of bulugh and are held chargeable for your deeds within the eyes of Almighty Allah. Imam ‘Ali bin Abu Talib (a.s.) has superbly defined the coaching for loss of life as follows: “Fulfilling the duties, refraining from forbidden [things, and buying noble character.”

In this text, i've got tried to offer a few of the issues which all believers are both required or strongly steered to do exactly prior to demise via the Shari’ah.



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Because the Prophet, Islam because the faith, the Qur’an because the publication [of God, the Ka’bah because the qiblah. And [I settle for ‘Ali because the waliy [of Allah and [my Imam; and Hassan, Hussein, ‘Ali ibn Hussein, Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, Ja’far ibn Muhammad, Musa ibn Ja’far, ‘Ali ibn Musa, Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, ‘Ali Ibn Muhammad, Hassan ibn ‘Ali, and al-Hujat ibn al-Hassan (a. s. ) as Imams, leaders and publications – I claim my love for them and claim my disassociation with their enemies. And [I think that without doubt the Hour [of Doom will are available which there's doubtless; and that Allah will resurrect all those people who are of their graves. And [I think that the reckoning [of our deeds is the reality; the Paradise is the reality and that the Hell is the reality. B. The assertion of faraj is to be recited as follows: l. a. ilaha il-lal lahu ‘Aliyyul ‘Azim; Subhana ‘l-laha Rabbus samawatis sab’i Wa Rabbul ardhinas sab’i; Wa ma price hinna wa ma bayna hunna Wa ma fawqa hunna wa ma tahta hunna; Wa Rabbul ‘arshil ‘azim; Wal hamdu lil-lahi Rabbis ‘alameen. there isn't any God yet Allah, the mild, the type; there is not any God yet Allah, the excessive, the good; bankruptcy four After the demise •Soon after anyone dies, it's endorsed to do the subsequent issues: • shut the eye-lids of the useless individual • shut the mouth of the lifeless individual • Tie the 2 jaws in order that the mouth doesn't open • Straighten his/her fingers and position them at the facets of his physique • Straighten his/her legs • disguise the useless physique • activate the sunshine within the room the place the lifeless physique is saved • manage the funeral once attainable • tell the mu’mineen to wait the funeral. bankruptcy five After demise Rituals They disguise Ghusl/Kafan/Dafan i. e. , washing, shrouding, and burying. essentially, those are Wajib (obligatory) acts for we all yet Kifai - Wajibe Kifai, this means that if a number of folks adopt to do, others are absolved. Else it's wajib on every person. consequently, it truly is crucial for we all to understand the fundamentals of burial rituals in case we're known as upon to accomplish them whilst it turns into compulsory for us to take action based on the Shar’ia. bankruptcy 6 First compulsory Wajib Act Ghusl-e-Mayyit (Ritual Wash of the useless physique) it's Wajib to provide 3 Ghusls to a Muslim lifeless physique. • First Ghusl with water combined with Sidr (berry or lotus) leaves. • moment Ghusl with water combined with camphor. • 3rd Ghusl with natural water. word: the amount of “Sidr” leaves or camphor may still neither be a lot that the water turns into combined (Mudhaf), nor so little that it can be stated that “Sidr” leaves or camphor has no longer been extra in it. Q) while Ghusl Mayyit is played with water combined with SIDR and with water combined with CAMPHOR, care will be taken in each one case that the water doesn't develop into Muzaf. whilst SIDR and particularly CAMPHOR is blended in water for Ghusl Mayyit, even in small volume, definitely a transformation in scent AND style will take place. wouldn't that represent to water that has been combined with SIDR or CAMPHOR having develop into Muzaf?

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